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  • Nuclear industry produces updated roadmap guide for new projects 25/01/2023
    The New Unit Assistance Industry Working Group's updated Roadmap to Operational Readiness guide is a collection of industry guidance, lessons learned, success stories intended to help new nuclear projects worldwide "prepare for the challenge of safe and efficient nuclear power plant operation". 
  • Oklo sets out plans for licensing of fuel recycling plant 25/01/2023
    California-based Oklo Inc has submitted a Licensing Project Plan to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, outlining its plans for pre-application engagement activities that support the future licensing of a commercial-scale nuclear fuel recycling facility.
  • New application required for Diablo Canyon licence renewal 25/01/2023
    Pacific Gas & Electric Company plans to submit a new licence renewal application for its Diablo Canyon Power Plant - California's last nuclear power plant - to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission after the regulator said it will not resume its review of the previously submitted and subsequently withdrawn application.
  • First Light Fusion demonstration plant site agreement, targets 2024 construction start 25/01/2023
    The UK Atomic Energy Authority and First Light Fusion have signed an agreement for the design and construction of a facility to house the company's new net energy gain demonstrator, Machine 4, at the authority's Culham Campus in Oxfordshire.
  • French Senate adopts bill on accelerating nuclear new build 25/01/2023
    The French Senate has overwhelmingly approved a draft bill aimed at accelerating procedures related to the construction of new nuclear facilities near existing nuclear sites and to the operation of existing facilities. The bill was adopted in its first reading in the Senate, with 239 votes in favour and 16 against. 
  • NASA and DARPA target 2027 nuclear rocket engine test in space 25/01/2023
    The USA's National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency are to collaborate on developing and demonstrating a nuclear thermal rocket engine in space by 2027.
  • Company reveals plans for new US uranium plant 24/01/2023
    Western Uranium & Vanadium has already acquired a site in Utah and begun work on designing and permitting the facility to process uranium, vanadium and cobalt. The new plant will process feed from Western's restarted Sunday Mine Complex.
  • Construction starts for Russian medical isotopes plant 24/01/2023
    The aim is to have production lines operating at the plant in Obninsk by 2025, supplying products for the diagnosis and treatment of patients, including a wide range of cancers. Rosatom says it will ensure Russia's sovereignty in the production of radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Robot developed to assist verification of used fuel 24/01/2023
    A floating autonomous robot could soon play a key role in safeguarding used nuclear fuel around the world. The Robotised Cherenkov Viewing Device has been created through a collaboration between Australian national science agency CSIRO's data and digital specialist arm Data61, Hungarian robotics company Datastart and the International Atomic Energy Agency.
  • Containment building completed at Zhangzhou 1 24/01/2023
    Construction has been completed of the outer dome of the containment building of unit 1 of the Zhangzhou nuclear power plant in China's Fujian province, China National Nuclear Corporation announced. Zhangzhou 1 is the first of two Hualong One units being built at the site, scheduled to enter commercial operation in 2024 and 2025, respectively.

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  • Color images from the shadow of a sample 24/01/2023
    A research team has developed a new method to produce X-ray images in color. In the past, the only way to determine the chemical composition of a sample and the position of its components using X-ray fluorescence analysis was to focus the X-rays and scan the whole sample. This is time-consuming and expensive. Scientists have […]
  • Researchers gain deeper understanding of mechanism behind superconductors 17/01/2023
    Physicists have once again gained a deeper understanding of the mechanism behind superconductors. This brings researchers one step closer to their goal of developing the foundations for a theory for superconductors that would allow current to flow without resistance and without energy loss. The researchers found that in superconducting copper-oxygen bonds, called cuprates, there must […]
  • Mitigating corrosion by liquid tin could lead to better cooling in fusion reactors 15/12/2022
    Researchers have clarified the chemical compatibility between high temperature liquid metal tin (Sn) and reduced activation ferritic martensitic, a candidate structural material for fusion reactors. This discovery has paved the way for the development of a liquid metal tin divertor, which is an advanced heat-removal component of fusion reactors. A device called a divertor is […]
  • National Ignition Facility achieves fusion ignition 13/12/2022
    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and DOE's National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) has announced the achievement of fusion ignition at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) -- a major scientific breakthrough decades in the making. On Dec. 5, a team at LLNL's National Ignition Facility (NIF) conducted the first controlled fusion experiment in history to […]
  • Quantum algorithm of the direct calculation of energy derivatives developed for molecular geometry optimization 29/11/2022
    Researchers have successfully extended the quantum phase difference estimation algorithm, a general quantum algorithm for the direct calculations of energy gaps, to enable the direct calculation of energy differences between two different molecular geometries. This allows for the computation, based on the finite difference method, of energy derivatives with respect to nuclear coordinates in a […]
  • Small modular reactor waste analysis report 21/11/2022
    Small modular nuclear reactors, which offer greater flexibility and lower upfront cost than large nuclear reactors, have both some advantages and disadvantages when it comes to nuclear waste generation.
  • How does radiation travel through dense plasma? 17/11/2022
    Researchers provide experimental data about how radiation travels through dense plasmas. Their data will improve plasma models, which allow scientists to better understand the evolution of stars and may aid in the realization of controlled nuclear fusion as an alternative energy source.
  • How long can exotic nuclei survive at the edge of stability? 15/11/2022
    A new study has measured how long it takes for several kinds of exotic nuclei to decay. The paper marks the first experimental result from the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams. It is just a small taste of what's to come at the facility, which will become 400 times more powerful over the coming years. […]
  • Material separates heavy water from ordinary water 09/11/2022
    A research group has made a material that can effectively separate heavy water from normal water at room temperature. Until now, this process has been very difficult and energy intensive. The findings have implications for industrial -- and even biological -- processes that involve using different forms of the same molecule.
  • Physicists confirm hitch in proton structure 19/10/2022
    A new precision measurement of the proton's electric polarizability has confirmed an unexplained bump in the data. The proton's electric polarizability shows how susceptible the proton is to deformation, or stretching, in an electric field. Like size or charge, the electric polarizability is a fundamental property of proton structure. The data bump was widely thought […]

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  • Solar for Good: Arrays keep rolling out in Wisconsin, thanks to innovative program 26/01/2023
    Couillard Solar Foundation’s unique model helps Wisconsin schools and nonprofits benefit from solar, despite a lack of legal clarity around third-party-owned installations in the state. Solar for Good: Arrays keep rolling out in Wisconsin, thanks to innovative program is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service covering the clean energy transition. If […]
  • Coal ash crackdown continues as EPA denies extensions for six power plants 26/01/2023
    The move signals the agency’s commitment to enforce 2015 federal rules that had been widely flaunted by companies and ignored by regulators. Coal ash crackdown continues as EPA denies extensions for six power plants is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service covering the clean energy transition. If you would like to […]
  • In N.H., frustrations and finger-pointing as Dems try again on climate legislation 25/01/2023
    As New Hampshire’s legislative session begins, Democratic lawmakers and their allies blame Republican Gov. Chris Sununu and his party for failing to act on clean energy and greenhouse gas emissions in the state. In N.H., frustrations and finger-pointing as Dems try again on climate legislation is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news […]
  • Virginia county struggles to streamline difficult solar permitting process 24/01/2023
    Solar installers and homeowners have become so frustrated with permitting projects in Prince William County that some have given up. County officials say they are trying to improve the process and point to signs of progress. Virginia county struggles to streamline difficult solar permitting process is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news […]
  • Affordable, reliable and sustainable: report compares utility performance 23/01/2023
    Rounding out the top 10, starting with the highest ranked: Washington, Nevada, the District of Columbia, South Dakota, Illinois, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon and Nebraska. Affordable, reliable and sustainable: report compares utility performance is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service covering the clean energy transition. If you would like to support us […]

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  • What’s Cleaner, An Electric Truck or Plugin Hybrid Truck? It Depends… (Part 4) 26/01/2023
    If you’ve made it this far, I probably don’t need to rehash the methods and sources again, but if you landed in this article, here’s a link to Part 1 so you can see how I arrived at my numbers here and even play with the spreadsheet yourself if you disagree with any of it. […]
  • NASA Funds Innovative New Aircraft Design 26/01/2023
    Aviation is a big deal for climate change. Not only is it a big contributor, but it’s an area where changes to improve efficiency can have a huge impact. For this reason, both private companies and government agencies know this is a great target to both save money and protect the environment. While NASA is […]
  • Captive Finance The Key To Tesla Selling EVs To 81 Million Households In The USA 26/01/2023
    In this article, I will explain how many households don’t have access to the US EV tax credit and some possible solutions. 81 Million (63% Of Households) In US Not Eligible For Full $7,500 Tax Credit I’ve been writing a lot recently about how affordable electric cars are going to be soon. I wrote this […]
  • What’s Cleaner, An Electric Truck or Plugin Hybrid Truck? It Depends… (Part 3) 26/01/2023
    If you haven’t already, be sure to read Part 1 to see where my data comes from, what my assumptions are, and how I calculated everything. There’s even a spreadsheet you can use to do your own calculations if you think I’m wrong or want to plug in different numbers. With that having been said, […]
  • Blink & ChargePoint Take New Approaches To Charging 26/01/2023
    Sometimes, it seems like EV charging is becoming pretty standardized. Sure, there are differences in things like what charging connector is used or who owns the station, but the general idea is that you pay for everything at your house while everything away from home is run by somebody else. Also, rapid chargers generally all […]
  • How The Salton Sea Could Solve Battery Mineral Supply Issues 26/01/2023
    In late summer, it’s not uncommon for a big storm to send a gush of water down an arroyo, a dry streambed that gets cut by monsoon storms in the Southwest. To the farmers who lived in the Imperial Valley of California in 1905, the weird early summer water that came pouring down some of […]
  • What’s Cleaner, An Electric Truck or Plugin Hybrid Truck? It Depends… (Part 2) 26/01/2023
    In Part 1, I discussed the methodology and assumptions that went into my comparison of the F-150 Lightning, the F-150 Hybrid, and a hypothetical plugin hybrid version of the truck. Now, let’s see how they stack up. I discuss my methods in Part 1, but to briefly recap, the production emissions are based on vehicle […]
  • Of Risk Fingerprints, Empathy, & Fossil Fuel Firms 26/01/2023
    If you believe some negative stereotype about a group and their risk profile, ditch it. It's wrong, and it doesn't apply to the person sitting at the other end of the Zoom call. 
  • What Makes A Vehicle A “Sport Utility” Vehicle? 26/01/2023
    Of note over the past couple of weeks is the revelation that shape matters when it comes to vehicle efficiency. The other takeaway is that the plethora of SUVs — tall, boxy, and all pervasive — just aren’t the right shape to optimize efficiencies. Frontal area matters! And we don’t seem to be getting any […]
  • Doomsday Clock Set At 90 Seconds To Midnight 26/01/2023
    This year, the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moves the hands of the Doomsday Clock forward, largely (though not exclusively) because of the mounting dangers of the war in Ukraine. The Clock now stands at 90 seconds to midnight—the closest to global catastrophe it has ever been.

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  • Hinkley 26/01/2023
    The Environment Agency has launched a four-week consultation on a proposed change to discharge sea water and fish at Hinkley Point C nuclear power station near Bridgwater. The proposal is to vary the operational Water Discharge Activity (WDA) permit, to remove conditions that relate to an Acoustic Fish Deterrent (AFD) and add a waste stream […]
  • Nuclear Finance 26/01/2023
    Billions freed from EU red tape will be used to fund new nuclear power stations. BILLIONS of pounds of investors dosh freed from Brussels red tape will be used to fund new nuclear power stations, The Sun can reveal. Cash-strapped Chancellor Jeremy Hunt will hail it as a “textbook Brexit benefit” in his big pre-Budget […]
  • SMRs 26/01/2023
    The designs for Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C are deliberately very similar; doing so saves costs and allows re-utilisation of the supply chain, as well as know-how, ensuring a smoother roll out. Both of those sites are adjacent to pre-existing nuclear facilities. It is curious then that EDF submitted 1,001 documents as part of […]
  • New Nuclear 26/01/2023
    Despite high hopes for nuclear power several decades ago, when the development of many large-scale nuclear plants was underway and numerous projects were already up and running, we are living far from the dream once envisioned by nuclear scientists, who were hoping to deliver vast amounts of clean energy to the world and offer a […]
  • Electricity Supplies 26/01/2023
    Britain was forced to ask Europe for emergency assistance to keep the lights on in southeast England yesterday, in the latest scare for the energy system. Hundreds of thousands of homes could have been at risk of blackouts if National Grid had not secured extra power by making last-minute requests for help over subsea cables […]
  • Climate Policy 26/01/2023
    The UK climate minister – who recently stated not all fossil fuels were the “spawn of the devil” – received campaign donations from one of the largest fuel distributors in the UK as well as an aviation consultant and recruiter, it has emerged. Graham Stuart, Conservative MP for Beverley and Holderness, was appointed climate minister […]
  • Urenco 26/01/2023
    The Court of Appeals recently handed down its judgment in Urenco v HMRC. The dispute pertained to capital allowances under the Capital Allowances Act 2001 (‘CAA 2001’) for expenditure on construction of a specialised deconversion facility for nuclear waste. Allowing HMRC’s appeal in entirety, the Upper Tribunal’s ruling was overturned and that of the First […]
  • Europe 26/01/2023
    European Union leaders are to back new EU funding for the green tech industry to counterbalance subsidies in the United States and China, draft conclusions of their summit in February showed, but EU officials were quick to play them down as going too far. Reuters 24th Jan 2023 read more » The post Europe appeared first on […]
  • Olkiluoto 26/01/2023
    TVO: OL3 reactor on-track for “mainly full power” production by early February. Regular electricity production at Olkiluoto 3 is scheduled to begin in March, and could have a significant impact on Finland’s electricity self-sufficiency. YLE 20th Jan 2023 read more » The post Olkiluoto appeared first on electricity info.
  • France 26/01/2023
    Getting out of nuclear power and Greenpeace “slam the door” of the public debate on the atom. A little over a month before the end of the consultation, the Senate adopted at first reading the executive bill to speed up the administrative procedures for new reactors. Empty chairs: the Nuclear Exit network and the NGO […]

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