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  • Regulators support international collaboration on SMR technology 26/05/2023
    Members of the International Nuclear Regulators' Association have released a joint statement affirming their commitment to work together on generic design assessment and licensing of small modular reactor technologies.
  • Clean energy investments increasing fast: IEA 26/05/2023
    Nearly two-thirds of the USD2.8 trillion set to be invested globally in energy this year is expected to go to clean technologies including nuclear - but the impressive increase in clean energy investments is concentrated in a handful of countries, according to a newly released report from the International Energy Agency.
  • Contract signed for Russian multifunctional nuclear service vessel 26/05/2023
    The Baltic Shipyard (Baltiysky Zavod) has signed a contract with Atomflot for the construction of a multifunctional nuclear technology service vessel which can load and unload nuclear fuel from reactor units of nuclear icebreakers and floating power units.
  • Westinghouse, Bechtel and PEJ push ahead on Poland AP1000 26/05/2023
    An agreement setting a plan for the delivery of Poland's first nuclear power plant has been signed by Westinghouse Electric Company, Bechtel and Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe.
  • Jacobs and Manchester University collaborate on robotics research centre 25/05/2023
    The Centre for Robotic Autonomy in Demanding and Long-lasting Environments will research new technologies for sectors including nuclear decommissioning, energy generation and space.
  • Refurbished Candus make headway towards restart 25/05/2023
    Fuel loading has been completed at Bruce 6, keeping the project on track to resume operation later this year. Meanwhile, Canada's nuclear regulator has given the go-ahead for Ontario Power Generation to restart Darlington 3.
  • Hungary says Paks II contract amendment has EU approval 25/05/2023
    The European Commission has approved the amendment of contracts "to speed up the investment" for the new Russian-built Paks 2 nuclear power project, Hungary's foreign minister Peter Szijjarto has said.
  • ČEZ seeking replacement generators at Temelín 25/05/2023
    Czech nuclear power plant operator ČEZ has launched what it calls one of its largest nuclear tenders in the past 20 years - for two new generators for the Temelín nuclear power plant. They are expected to increase output from 1125 MWe to 1150 MWe and will have an anticipated lifespan of 40 years.
  • INL sees market for microreactors in some US states 24/05/2023
    There is high market potential for microreactors in US states with energy-intensive industries, nuclear-friendly laws and widespread social acceptance, according to a new report by Idaho National Laboratory examining opportunities and barriers for microreactors.
  • Japanese firms invest in maritime nuclear developer Core Power 24/05/2023
    More than a dozen Japanese companies have invested a combined total of about USD80 million in the UK-based Core Power, which is helping develop a floating molten salt reactor nuclear power plant and other maritime applications, according to Nikkei Asia.

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  • Keeping time with an atomic nucleus 25/05/2023
    Nuclear clocks could allow scientists to probe the fundamental forces of the universe in the future. Researchers have made a crucial advance in this area as part of an international collaboration.
  • Demystifying vortex rings in nuclear fusion, supernovae 20/05/2023
    Better understanding the formation of swirling, ring-shaped disturbances -- known as vortex rings -- could help nuclear fusion researchers compress fuel more efficiently, bringing it closer to becoming a viable energy source. A mathematical model linking these vortices with more pedestrian types, like smoke rings, could help engineers control their behavior in power generation and […]
  • Simulation provides images from the carbon nucleus 15/05/2023
    What does the inside of a carbon atom's nucleus look like? A new study provides a comprehensive answer to this question. In the study, the researchers simulated all known energy states of the nucleus. These include the puzzling Hoyle state. If it did not exist, carbon and oxygen would only be present in the universe […]
  • Shutting down nuclear power could increase air pollution 10/04/2023
    A new study shows that if U.S. nuclear power plants are retired, the burning of coal, oil, and natural gas to fill the energy gap could cause more than 5,000 premature deaths.
  • Cooking up plasmas with microwaves 29/03/2023
    Scientists have created plasmas with fusion-suitable densities, using microwave power with low frequency. The research team has identified three important steps in the plasma production: lightning-like gas breakdown, preliminary plasma production, and steady-state plasma. Blasting the microwaves without alignment of Heliotron J's magnetic field created a discharge that ripped electrons from their atoms and produced an […]
  • New type of entanglement lets scientists 'see' inside nuclei 24/03/2023
    Nuclear physicists have found a new way to see inside nuclei by tracking interactions between particles of light and gluons. The method relies on harnessing a new type of quantum interference between two dissimilar particles. Tracking how these entangled particles emerge from the interactions lets scientists map out the arrangement of gluons. This approach is […]
  • Neutrinos made by a particle collider detected 22/03/2023
    Physicists have detected neutrinos created by a particle collider. The discovery promises to deepen scientists' understanding of the subatomic particles, which were first spotted in 1956 and play a key role in the process that makes stars burn.
  • Nitrate can release uranium into groundwater 21/03/2023
    A team has experimentally confirmed that nitrate, a compound common in fertilizers and animal waste, can help transport naturally occurring uranium from the underground to groundwater. The new research backs a previous study showing that aquifers contaminated with high levels of nitrate -- including the High Plains Aquifer residing beneath Nebraska -- also contain uranium […]
  • Scientists find a common thread linking subatomic color glass condensate and massive black holes 21/03/2023
    Atomic nuclei accelerated close to the speed of light become dense walls of gluons known as color glass condensate (CGC). Recent analysis shows that CGC shares features with black holes, enormous conglomerates of gravitons that exert gravitational force across the universe. Both gluons in CGC and gravitons in black holes are organized in the most […]
  • Better simulations of neutron scattering 17/03/2023
    Tripoli-4® is a tool used by researchers to simulate the behaviors of interacting neutrons in 3D space. Recently, researchers have developed eTLE: a next-event simulator which aims to increase Tripoli-4®'s precision using Monte Carlo simulations. New research implements and validates eTLE's reliability.

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  • Design competition gets gears turning for Virginia student’s offshore wind career 26/05/2023
    A high school student talks about how a wind turbine design contest helped inspire her to pursue an engineering degree on her way to designing the next generation of offshore wind turbines. Design competition gets gears turning for Virginia student’s offshore wind career is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service covering […]
  • Detroit resident ‘leads with love’ while laying a foundation for neighborhood climate resiliency 25/05/2023
    Tammara Howard’s What About Us? community hub offers a place for residents to connect in times of crisis and times of peace. Detroit resident ‘leads with love’ while laying a foundation for neighborhood climate resiliency is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service covering the clean energy transition. If you would like […]
  • Zoning norms slow efforts to cut transportation pollution in Connecticut 25/05/2023
    Land use is the single biggest factor in determining how much people drive. As the state tries to lower vehicle miles traveled, officials are seeking legislation to encourage more local governments to allow denser development. Zoning norms slow efforts to cut transportation pollution in Connecticut is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news […]
  • Minnesota lawmakers update commercial building code amid flurry of energy bills 24/05/2023
    The legislation, which is expected to be signed by Gov. Tim Walz in the coming days, would speed up the process for adopting new commercial building codes and put the state on a path to reducing energy use in new large buildings by 80% by 2036. Minnesota lawmakers update commercial building code amid flurry of […]
  • Heating and cooking aren’t the only sources of building emissions 23/05/2023
    In Massachusetts and elsewhere, advocates and policymakers are increasingly turning their attention to “embodied carbon” contained in building materials. Heating and cooking aren’t the only sources of building emissions is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service covering the clean energy transition. If you would like to support us please make a […]

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  • New 3-Row VW ID.Buzz Reveal Incoming! What Should We Expect on June 2nd? 28/05/2023
    The Volkswagen Microbus, also known as the VW Type 2, the Kombi, or simply the Bus, has become a cultural icon for several reasons. Introduced in the 1950s, the Microbus quickly gained popularity due to its unique design, versatility, and association with various social movements. One of the main factors contributing to the Microbus’s iconic […]
  • NOAA: How Greenhouse Gas Pollution Amplified Global Warming in 2022 28/05/2023
    “The AGGI is derived from highly accurate measurements of greenhouse gases in air samples collected around the world,” said Vanda Grubišić, Ph.D, director of NOAA’s Global Monitoring Laboratory (GML). “It continues to rise despite international efforts to curb emission of greenhouse gases from fossil fuels that seem to be falling short of their targets.”
  • Tesla’s 3 Master Plans — What It Has Achieved & What It Hasn’t 28/05/2023
    What happens when we analyze and weigh each of the 3 Tesla master plans, including the intentions outlined and the actions that resulted?
  • Some Serious News & Some Silly News From Hyundai 27/05/2023
    During May, Hyundai has had a number of press releases. But, unlike most months, Hyundai had a couple of fun ones about a customer’s weird custom license plate and Spiderman. I know some readers are super cereal, so I decided to start with one serious one that’s a big move for the company. So, let’s […]
  • Volvo Proves Anti-EV Trolls Wrong 27/05/2023
    In a recent press release, Volvo announced that it’s found a way to truly stick it to the trolls that attack EVs online, in social media, and in regular media. Before we get to how Volvo did this, let’s take a look at the bogus arguments that it’s proving wrong. A Common Argument Against EVs […]
  • BLUETTI Launches Veterans & Military Purchase Program: Exclusive Discounts on Power Solutions 27/05/2023
    Memorial Day is a time to remember and honor the sacrifices of service members. In recognition of their dedication on this Memorial Day, BLUETTI proudly introduces the Veterans and Military Purchase Program to support and express gratitude to active duty and retired military personnel. Veterans and Military Purchase Program: Honoring Our Heroes   From May 25th […]
  • Kia Aims To Expand The Role Of EVs In The World With New Apps 27/05/2023
    Electric vehicle (EV) batteries are often associated with powering vehicles, but their capabilities extend far beyond that primary function. As technology evolves and the demand for clean energy solutions grows, the potential applications of EV batteries continue to expand. In this article, I’ll delve into some of these innovative uses that not only contribute to […]
  • Neuralink & Elon Musk Want To Control Your Brain 27/05/2023
    The US FDA has given the go-ahead for Neuralink to begin testing its technology on humans. Will Elon Musk implant the tech in his own brain in the trials?
  • Two Charging Companies Respond To Ford’s Adoption Of The Tesla/NACS Plug 27/05/2023
    Yesterday’s announcement that Ford’s future vehicles would be equipped with Tesla’s NACS charging connector (Supercharging port) signaled a big shift in the industry. Before the announcement, Tesla was using its plug and everyone else was using the CCS1 plug in the United States. It seemed like this would continue indefinitely, as manufacturers of both vehicles […]
  • Nevada Clean Energy Transmission Projects Go Forward Thanks To Biden-Harris Admin 27/05/2023
    Greenlink transmission lines would bring 8 GW of clean energy to Nevada communities

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  • Climate Policy 28/05/2023
    Starmer plans to block all new North Sea oil and gas developments. ir Keir Starmer will announce plans to block all new North Sea oil and gas developments and limit borrowing to green investment only as part of a radical blueprint to make Britain a “clean energy superpower”. The Labour leader is expected to set […]
  • Nuclear Testing & Radhealth 28/05/2023
    Radioactive fallout from atmospheric nuclear weapons testing in the 1950s and 1960s caused the greatest exposure of man-made radiation to humankind. The radiation dose to the world’s population from these tests was estimated by UNSCEAR in 1993 at 30 million person-sieverts, which was 50 times more than the 600,000 person-sieverts from the Chernobyl accident in […]
  • Rolls Royce 28/05/2023
    Rolls-Royce is expected to cut thousands of jobs as it launches a dramatic turnaround plan to save costs. New chief executive Tufan Erginbilgic, who has described the aero-engineering giant as a “burning platform” that needs to reform to survive, has parachuted in consultants led by McKinsey to advise on streamlining the company. Plans to merge […]
  • Utilities 28/05/2023
    He is a former cricketer who owns a used car business and whose last venture collapsed. So who better than Grant Nicholson to start an energy supplier? Stallion Power, the entrepreneur’s start-up based in Leeds, applied to Ofgem this month for licences to supply homes with electricity and gas. It is an audacious move from […]
  • Energy Costs 28/05/2023
    Energy bills will fall for most households from July thanks to a drop in the price cap set by the regulator — but do not expect your standing charge to change. The cap on unit prices that suppliers can charge will fall from 33.2p to 30.1p for electricity and from 10.3p to 7.5p for gas. […]
  • Zaporizhzhia 28/05/2023
    Russia is plotting a “large-scale provocation” at Europe’s largest nuclear power station to delay Ukraine’s long-awaited spring counteroffensive, Kyiv’s defence ministry has said. Troops occupying the southeast of the country will strike the Zaporizhzhia plan and report a radioactive leak in order to trigger an international probe, a statement alleged. It said any such investigation […]
  • Fukushima 28/05/2023
    Tilman Ruff says the danger is that dumping the contaminated water could settle on the sea floor or concentrate up the food chain. ABC 26th May 2023 read more » The post Fukushima appeared first on electricity info.
  • Hydrogen 28/05/2023
    Lex in depth: the staggering cost of a green hydrogen economy. Green hydrogen has a seductive appeal. Done right, this zero-emissions energy source has the potential to penetrate many corners of our economies and be instrumental in the fight against climate change. It can be transported over long distances, stored for lengthy periods and some […]
  • Cloud Power 28/05/2023
    Scientists have created a cloud device that can harvest clean electricity from the humidity in air, an academic paper reveals. The fingernail-sized contraption, called Air-gen, is made from a material filled with holes less than a thousandth of the width of a human hair. The holes, called nanopores, make clean power by harvesting the energy […]
  • Fossil Fuels 28/05/2023
    AS oil and gas firms enjoy a bonanza in the North Sea experts warn investment in the area could halve soon although the company leading work on the controversial Cambo development reckons ministers will ensure such giant projects go ahead. Herald 27th May 2023 read more » The post Fossil Fuels appeared first on electricity info.

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