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  • USA relaunches used fuel management programme 01/12/2021
    The US Department of Energy has issued a request for information to help it create a consent-based approach to siting an interim storage site for US used nuclear fuel. The move represents a re-start of the federal programme after plans for a repository at Yucca Mountain were dropped in 2009.
  • Joint venture to develop GeoMelt vitrification technology 01/12/2021
    France's EDF and water, waste and energy management company Veolia will early next year create a joint venture - to be known as Waste2Glass - to develop Veolia's GeoMelt vitrification technology. The partners hope to extend the application of the technology beyond high-level radioactive waste.
  • Two 'firsts' for Canadian reactor refurbishments 01/12/2021
    The disassembly phase of Ontario Power Generation's refurbishment of Darlington unit 3 has now been completed and the reassembly phase has begun, the company said yesterday. The disassembly of the reactor included the world's first use of a combined pressure and calandria tube removal technique. Separately, an automated process to install and inspect calandria tubes is […]
  • France may need to postpone reactor closures, says IEA 01/12/2021
    The French government will need to take important decisions to ensure the country gets on track to meet its 2050 net-zero emissions goal, particularly in terms of plans to modernise its nuclear power fleet, according to the International Energy Agency. It said the country may need to delay the planned closure of its 12 oldest […]
  • IAEA team reviews Kalinin safety 30/11/2021
    Russia's Kalinin nuclear power plant shows a commitment to safety, said a team assembled by the International Atomic Energy Agency, which took some new practices away to share with the global industry.
  • Atucha 1 works towards long-term operation 30/11/2021
    Nucleoelectrica Argentina has been given feedback on its preparation of Atucha 1 for long-term operation by an International Atomic Energy Agency team. It is the third such mission at the request of the Argentinian government.
  • Game on for nuclear, declares Bilbao y León 30/11/2021
    Nuclear energy offers a "golden opportunity" to create a cleaner and more equitable world, World Nuclear Association Director General Sama Bilbao y León said today at the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris. However, she noted there are three major challenges hindering the nuclear industry in making its full potential contribution towards sustainable development and combatting […]
  • Drilling completed at first Canadian repository candidate site 30/11/2021
    Canada's Nuclear Waste Management Organization has completed borehole drilling work at Ignace, which is being studied as a possible host area for a deep geological repository for Canada's used nuclear fuel. Some 6 km of rock has been retrieved during the four-year drilling programme.
  • Spanish uranium project denied authorisation 29/11/2021
    Spain's Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge has rejected Berkeley Energia's authorisation to build a uranium processing plant at the company's Salamanca project in western Spain. The company has questioned the legality of the decision.
  • Pressure vessel segmented at Bohunice 29/11/2021
    A milestone was reached in the decommissioning of Slovakia's Bohunice V1 reactor when Javys completed cutting up its pressure vessel. Most of the component has been disposed of as low-level radioactive waste.

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  • How molecular clusters in the nucleus interact with chromosomes 24/11/2021
    Using computer simulations, chemists have discovered how nuclear bodies called nucleoli interact with chromosomes in the nucleus, and how those interactions help the nucleoli exist as stable droplets within the nucleus.
  • Breakthrough in surface-based groundwater measurement 24/11/2021
    A team of researchers has developed an effective technology to carry out very accurate, non-invasive groundwater measurements in previously inaccessible areas. Using the new technology, NMR measurements (nuclear magnetic resonance) are now a cheap, fast and, above all, very accurate tool for mapping and characterizing groundwater systems.
  • Electrons set the stage for neutrino experiments 24/11/2021
    Neutrinos may be the key to finally solving a mystery of the origins of our matter-dominated universe, and preparations for two major, billion-dollar experiments are underway to reveal the particles' secrets. Now, a team of nuclear physicists have turned to the humble electron to provide insight for how these experiments can better prepare to capture […]
  • Scientists create insights into perhaps the most extreme state of matter produced on Earth 19/11/2021
    Exotic laser-produced high-energy-density (HED) plasmas akin to those found in stars and nuclear explosions could provide insight into events throughout the universe. Physicists have discovered a new way to measure and understand these plasmas, among the most extreme states of matter ever produced on Earth. Improved understanding could provide benefits ranging from fine-tuning the high-density […]
  • Nuclear radiation used to transmit digital data wirelessly 10/11/2021
    Engineers have successfully transferred digitally encoded information wirelessly using nuclear radiation instead of conventional technology. The researchers measured the spontaneous emission of fast neutrons from californium-252, a radioactive isotope produced in nuclear reactors. Several examples of information, i.e., a word, the alphabet and a random number selected blindly, were encoded serially into the modulation of […]
  • How prolonged radiation exposure damages nuclear reactors 08/11/2021
    New research could help in boosting the efficiency of nuclear power plants in the near future. By using a combination of physics-based modeling and advanced simulations, they found the key underlying factors that cause radiation damage to nuclear reactors, which could then provide insight into designing more radiation-tolerant, high-performance materials.
  • Lake’s radioactivity concentration predicted for 10,000 days after the Fukushima accident 04/11/2021
    Researchers investigated the long-term contamination of Lake Onuma in Japan resulting from the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. They devised a formula based on a framework known as the fractional diffusion model to predict the radioactive contamination of the lake for up to about 30 years after the Fukushima accident. The results suggest that the […]
  • Underground tests dig into how heat affects salt-bed repository behavior 04/11/2021
    Scientists have just begun the third phase of a years-long experiment to understand how salt and very salty water behave near hot nuclear waste containers in a salt-bed repository.
  • Smoke from nuclear war would devastate ozone layer, alter climate 13/10/2021
    The massive columns of smoke generated by a nuclear war would alter the world's climate for years and devastate the ozone layer, endangering both human health and food supplies, new research shows. The international study draws on newly developed computer climate modeling techniques to paint an even grimmer picture of a global nuclear war's aftermath […]
  • Quarks and antiquarks at high momentum shake the foundations of visible matter 13/10/2021
    Two independent studies have illuminated unexpected substructures in the fundamental components of all matter. Preliminary results using a novel tagging method could explain the origin of the longstanding nuclear paradox known as the EMC effect. Meanwhile, authors will share next steps after the recent observation of asymmetrical antimatter in the proton.


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  • With regional transportation pact stalled, what’s next for Massachusetts’ climate strategy? 02/12/2021
    Massachusetts, a chief proponent and logistical leader throughout the development of the Transportation and Climate Initiative, expected the multistate agreement to be a major part of its plan to reduce emissions. Support soon crumbled -- so what now? With regional transportation pact stalled, what’s next for Massachusetts’ climate strategy? is an article from Energy News […]
  • Amid a flood of solar applications, Maine seeks a more targeted approach 02/12/2021
    A stakeholder group tasked with helping lawmakers incentivize distributed generation and plan grid upgrades is expected to issue its first of two reports by Jan. 1. Amid a flood of solar applications, Maine seeks a more targeted approach is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service covering the clean energy transition. If […]
  • FirstEnergy says Ohio law at center of corruption probe protects it from ratepayer lawsuits 01/12/2021
    Class action case casts doubt on the integrity of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio’s own actions in light of alleged corruption. FirstEnergy says Ohio law at center of corruption probe protects it from ratepayer lawsuits is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service covering the clean energy transition. If you would […]
  • North Carolina budget lacks promised boost for low-income ratepayers 30/11/2021
    Democrats had suggested hundreds of millions of extra dollars for home weatherization to help residents who struggle to pay their electric bills. But the state budget contains no such windfall. North Carolina budget lacks promised boost for low-income ratepayers is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service covering the clean energy transition. […]
  • ​During tough times, C-PACE financing offers more potential ever, experts say 29/11/2021
    Michigan examples showcase the potential of commercial property-assessed clean energy financing to help companies with retrofits and refinancing. Hospitality companies, in particular, used the tool as pandemic lifelines. ​During tough times, C-PACE financing offers more potential ever, experts say is an article from Energy News Network, a nonprofit news service covering the clean energy transition. […]

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  • Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards Shares Thoughts On Rivian R1T Truck 02/12/2021
    Rivian was in my neck of the woods (Baton Rouge) yesterday. My state governor, John Bel Edwards, shared a photo of himself in the new R1T along with his thoughts in a Facebook post. “This electric truck sure drives differently than my old Chevy. Department of Transportation and Development Sec. Shawn Wilson and I had […]
  • Financing Your Electrical Vehicle Purchase Improving Slowly In Australia (Needs To Improve More) 02/12/2021
    A recent survey of 1,001 Australians by Savvy has revealed that 73% of respondents agree that moving to electric vehicles (EVs) is an important move to reduce CO2 emissions and keep global temperature rises to 1.5°C. The biggest obstacle to going electric is price, according to the survey. Almost 80% say that affordability would need […]
  • Mutenga Bamboo Introduces A New Range of Bamboo Toothpicks, Pens, & Cooking & Heating Briquettes in Zimbabwe 02/12/2021
    According to Zimbabwe’s Environmental Management Agency (EMA), the major contributors to deforestation are: Tobacco curing Energy provisions Land clearing for various land uses including agriculture. Tobacco remains one of Zimbabwe’s major foreign currency earners, along with gold and nickel. The levels of deforestation mean that a serious forest preservation and reforestation initiative has become critical. […]
  • The Magic Math of Solar Plus Storage 02/12/2021
    By Joseph Daniel, Senior Energy Analyst I’ve always been a math person. I find solace and comfort in its consistency. Not like grammar with all its exceptions to the rules. (What do you mean “y” is SOMETIMES a vowel?!) So, imagine how surprised I was one day to find out that 1 plus 1 doesn’t […]
  • Most Autos Sold In Sweden Are Now Plugin EVs – Over 54% In November 02/12/2021
    Sweden, the largest auto market of the Nordic region, saw plugin electric vehicles take 54.3% share in November, up from 38.7% share year-on-year. Diesels remained in the doldrums, seeing their fourth consecutive month under 15% share. The overall auto market saw just over 21,000 new registrations in November, down almost 30% from pre-pandemic seasonal norms. […]
  • Surprise! Tesla Launches Electric Cyberquad For Kids 02/12/2021
    The all-electric Tesla Cyberquad is in production -- sorta. This one, built by Radio Flyer, is just for kids!
  • The Shameful State of America’s Energy Data 02/12/2021
    A good friend of mine recently mentioned that he finally got solar panels up and running at his home. He was excited to be powering his home with cleaner electricity but was even more excited that he will never have to go through the process of sharing his energy data ever again. First he had […]
  • Encycle Announces New Autonomous Swarm IQ™ RTU Fault Detection Tool 02/12/2021
    SAN MARCOS, California — Encycle Corporation, a software technology company focused on helping commercial enterprise and utility customers dramatically improve the efficiency of their HVAC systems using IoT-enabled services, today announced a new set of patented, data-driven tools that allow facility managers to gain unprecedented visibility into the maintenance and efficiency of their HVAC assets. […]
  • Stellantis CEO: Speeding Up EV Transition Is “Beyond The Limits” Of What Auto Industry Can Sustain 02/12/2021
    Stellantis' CEO doesn't seem to think they'll be able to keep up with the rapid pace of EV development.
  • Anti-EV & Anti-Renewable FUD Keeps Evolving 02/12/2021
    These days, outright climate change denial doesn’t get much traction with educated people, so the defenders of the status quo have shifted their strategies.

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  • Hinkley 02/12/2021
    The Hinkley Point C project may be delayed after defects were found at a similar reactor in China. According to The Times, safety components at Hinkley may need to be redesigned following the discovery. An investigation is ongoing into the cause of the problems with the plant in Taishan, in the southern Chinese province of […]
  • Climate Policy 02/12/2021
    COP26 must launch a reinvigorated UK effort on climate change. COP26 concluded with a material increase in ambitions to reduce emissions across the world and the launch of a raft of new initiatives and sector deals. This is a step forward, but how far Glasgow can be considered a success can only be assessed by […]
  • Nuclear Policy 02/12/2021
    The House of Lords is due to debate a motion moved by Lord Howell of Guildford (Conservative) that “this House takes note of the role of civil nuclear power in meeting the United Kingdom’s (1) electricity needs, and (2) energy security”. This article gives an overview of nuclear power in the UK. It looks at […]
  • SMRs 02/12/2021
    Media outlets and the energy journalists employed by them seem to have lost their critical faculties when it comes to writing about small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs), according to critics who think the industry has no hope of delivering on its promises to build a new generation of power stations. In the build-up to the […]
  • Fusion 02/12/2021
    Commonwealth Fusion Systems has secured nearly $2bn in funding from investors that include Tiger Global Management and Bill Gates, as the US nuclear energy group develops the promising but fiendishly difficult technology. Tiger led the $1.8bn Series B funding that was backed by about 30 investors who are committed to making fusion energy commercially viable. […]
  • National Policy Statement 02/12/2021
    BANNG considers the absence of a revised EN-6 on Nuclear Energy is a crucial omission from the suite of NPSs. We recollect a major consultation during 2018 was undertaken on The Siting Criteria and Process for a New National Policy Statement for Nuclear Power with Single Reactor Capacity over 1 GW Beyond 20251. This drew […]
  • Climate Policy – Scotland 02/12/2021
    Despite climate change, Scottish government has drawn up a plan that could see a new gas-fired power station built at Peterhead – Dr Richard Dixon. The draft new National Planning Framework was published during COP26. It spells out how we will approach planning and development across Scotland, and lists a set of priority projects which […]
  • Energy Crisis 02/12/2021
    Europe’s Energy Crisis Is About to Get Worse as Winter Arrives. With the prospect of blackouts and fights for supplies, there’s a growing sense of foreboding before the cold weather has even really hit. Energy prices in Europe are repeatedly breaking records even before winter really kicks in, and one of the most damaging cost […]
  • Energy Security 02/12/2021
    Storm Arwen highlights the need for reliable energy. Those who would rapidly ditch traditional energy sources in the rush to net-zero need to say what would replace them in these circumstances. Telegraph 2nd Dec 2021 read more »
  • Utilities 02/12/2021
    Zog Energy has become the latest supplier to cease trading, as tight market conditions continue into December. The supplier had around 11,700 domestic customers, which will now be taken on by a Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) following a bidding process run by regulator Ofgem. It follows 11 suppliers collapsing in November, including Bulb, the […]

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